In 1763, Pierre Laclede sailed from New Orleans up the mighty Mississippi to find a suitable location for a trading post in the Upper Louisiana territory. He found an ideal setting on top of a limestone bluff that is now the foot of Market Street. Mission accomplished, Laclede sent his stepson Auguste Chouteau up the river to deal with the details. Chouteau got the ball rolling in 1764. He named the settlement for Louis IX of France, established fur trade with the Osage tribe, set up a water mill, and found ways to stay out of war with the English. But there were some things lacking in those days --- amenities like running water, nice hotels, concert venues, restaurants--- and other things that make for a civilized experience.

After 250 years of astounding progress, we are pleased to announce that we have all those things and more. We hope you will visit us during the 2015 North Central Regional Convention from June 22-24. The convention features a great hotel, numerous restaurants, magnificent worship spaces, great performance venues, unique architecture, and many other things to see and do.

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